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Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, Stresses Organizing and Relating

A CRM is nothing more than a platform for organizing information related to clients and customers. In that way, a cork board can be a CRM. A sandbox in the middle of the office could be a CRM if all the office workers can avoid stepping on it. Though these CRM options are impractical, software has taken a foothold in the niche. A CRM system can make customer relationships a whole lot easier. It is a Rolodex and an email list in one full system.

Making Nice Relationships

Can this system help any business? Absolutely. Both an email list and a contact Rolodex is a quintessential business foundation. But, there is another piece to the ingredient that makes a CRM extremely valuable and innovative. It is not solely the fact that the Rolodex and the email are digitalized in a single system. The CRM has the component of “relationships.”

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A contact is listed in the CRM. It lists all the main details, but it also has a “spot” for relationship notes. Who does this person personally know in the business? Who is their main representative? What other clients do they personally know? The system takes these notes and factors them into the algorithm. It is a connected tissue- a network of relationships.

The business can then counteract this data appropriately by doing (or not doing) based on the relationships. Companies are afraid of CRM because they are concerned that it will make their relationships disingenuous. That is hardly the case, for informed employees can avoid mistakes and handle a client better with the information recorded SEO.

Different Colors, Same Ideas

At this point, it seems that all major CRM platforms are similar in their basic structure. They also all have many of the same features. The differences are often cosmetic or they vary based on the sheer power of the system. Some are less-accessible and some are clean and bright. Regardless, the quality of the CRM does not come from the system itself. It comes from the teacher. A CRM consulting firm is valuable because their team can navigate new features that someone may not find on their own.

My Sales Butler at Sales force can walk companies through the layers of CRM. The strategies my sales butler will use do not solely depend on the basics of the Rolodex and email contact. The strategies are bigger and smarter, seeming to gradually focus more and more on relationship building. It is the lynchpin of CRM.

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